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Record Label Guide for Domestic LPs

Image Filenames

We have found that processing thousands of images requires a few "standards" be set in naming the files. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO NAME YOUR FILES THIS WAY TO CONTRIBUTE THEM! However, it will make our our job easier and I will be more willing to hand out discounts if my job is easier!

Here is how we handle the naming of files:

The image above is named: "PacificJazz20097bStPromoMcCann.jpg". The name is broken down as follows:

  1. The first part is the label name. The first letters of each part of the name are capitalized. For labels that contain numbers (Project 3 & 20th Century), the numbers are not spelled out.

  2. Next is the record number. This does not include any prefix or suffix letters - only the main record number. LP ANL1-4355 will only have the 4355 recorded and SE-13ST will only show the 13, and 81561-1 world be recorded as 81561 (leave off the '-1'). For labels that contain a number (Project 3) place a "-" between the '3' and the record number.

  3. Following the record number is the side of the record recorded in lower case. Side A or 1 is 'a', side B or 2 is 'b', side C or 3 is 'c' and so on.

  4. After the side letter is the recording type. Monaural is 'Mo', Stereo is 'St', & Quad is 'Qu'. If that is not known, do not record anything here.

  5. If the pressing is a promotional copy, include the word 'Promo' next. Again, capitalization is important. If it is not a promotional, do not record anything here.

  6. And final comes the artists name. Only record the last name of an individual, however record the full name of a group. Do not record "the" or "and". The Beatles would only be recorded as 'Beatles' and Paul Revere & the Raiders would be 'RevereRaiders'. If the LP contains more than one artist, just put 'Various' here. For soundtracks and original cast LPs, put 'SndTrk' followed by the title of the movie/play.

There are other minor variations, but we will take care of those issues.

It sounds complicated, but it really isn't. I have over 100,000 images currently done this way and it makes it very easy to decipher.

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