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Record Label Guide for Domestic LPs


FIRST EDITION: For an example of what some of the inside pages of the First Edition of the guide looks like, click HERE

ORDERING INFO: The 7th reprint of that First Edition is now sold out. Access to the order page has been removed from this site. If you are looking for a copy, a search of ebay or Amazon.com may locate one for you.

SECOND EDITION: We are still working on the Second Edition. From time to time, pages will be created showing the current status of the work being done on a label. Click HERE to check out the labels being researched.

CONTRIBUTORS: Are you interested in contributing your knowledge, information, or images to the project? We can always use the extra assistance. Free advertising space and/or discounts off of the purchase price of the finished product are available to those who contribute. Plus you will get your name listed in the credits page! For additional information, check out the page HERE.

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