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Record Label Guide for Domestic LPs

Specific "A" Label Images Needed

We are in need of the specific images listed below. An image posted on this list will remain here until we have a high quality image good enough for including in the second edition. Lower quality images will always be accepted.

1. ABC: label with a 1/8th note at the top, white label promotional issue. This will most likely be on release numbers 1072 though 1107.

2. Abner: red label with silver printing.

3. Ace: dark green label with silver print.

4. Ace: black, white & blue label.

5. Ace: white label with blue print. A re-issue label from the 1990s.

6. Acta: any promotional label.

7. Argo: silver label with black print. "33 1/3" appears under the "O" in "ARGO". This was used about 1965. We need both Mono & Stereo images of this one.

8. Argo: Brown label with pink, and white logo with "Mfg By Chess Producing Corp." printed at the bottom perimeter and "Stereo Odyssey" at the top. This was used about 1965.

9. Arista: Blue label with "Arista" printed under the large, white "A" logo at top. The letters "TM" appear to the right of the logo and there is no print around the bottom perimeter. This was used about 1976-77.

10. Asylum: promotion white label used in 1984-5 with either the "Fifth Avenue" or "Rockefeller Plaza" addresses at the bottom of the label..

11. Aura: black label with silver print, said to have been used in the early 1960s.

12. Autumn: any promotional label.

13. Ava: any promotional label.

Thanks for your help in acquiring these image. Check back often for new updates. Please drop us an email and let us know what you have to offer. We can accept information/images via email, on disks through the USPS, or by ftp directly to our server.

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