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Record Label Guide for Domestic LPs

Specific "B" Label Images Needed

We are in need of the specific images listed below. An image posted on this list will remain here until we have a high quality image good enough for including in the second edition. Lower quality images will always be accepted.

1. Bang: Promotional white label issue for the Tan label both with & without the "Atlanta, Georgia" in the logo.

2. Bearsville: Promotional issue of the tan label with no bottom perimeter print.

3. Bell: The very first label used from 1954 to 1959.

4. Bell: Promotional issue with "BELL RECORDS, INC..." at the label bottom.

5. Bell: Any white label promotional issue with 4 red lines at the top.

6. Best: A better example of the only label on the only LP.

7. Blue Note: A blue & white label with the West 61st St. address on it. It is rumored to exist but we have not seen an example.

8. Blue Note: Any promotional white labels - were there any?

9. Blue Thumb: Promotional white label of the ABC/Blue Thumb 'target' label with numbers 6022 through 6032.

10. Brother: The first issue of the Beach Boys - Sunflower LP from 1970 on an orange label with a dark orange outer band.

11. Buddah: We need a better image of the first LP (Captain Beefhart 1001) white label promotional issue.

Thanks for your help in acquiring these image. Check back often for new updates. Please drop us an email and let us know what you have to offer. We can accept information/images via email, on disks through the USPS, or by ftp directly to our server.

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