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Record Label Guide for Domestic LPs


LABEL IMAGES NEEDED: The task of identifying what label variations appear on what LP can be determined by examining many examples of record labels. What we are attempting to do is get images of EVERY release on a particular label. By doing this, we can identify the last release of a particular variation. This method is not 100% fool proof but it will be accurate the majority of the time.

Do you have images of record labels you can contribute? We will accept ANY images that you have. It doesn't matter if we already have it, we are always looking for more examples/variations. And not just of the labels that we are currently researching. We are building a database of images of ANY label that will be used for future editions of the Label Guide.

Now on to that offer of 'Free Advertising Space' or discounts off the list price of the finished guide. If you are a dealer and can send at least a hundred usable images, we can offer business card sized ads - for free. If you have hundreds of images we will make it a quarter page (of an 8.5x11 page) display ad - for free. And the dealer who contributes the largest number of usable images will receive a full page ad - for free.

As for a discount off the purchase price, anyone who contributes an image will be listed on the Credits page. Percentages of 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 are offered off of the list price of the final printed book for individuals who contribute usable images. The amount of the discount will be based on the number of images submitted and how usable they are to us. See the Images page for more information.

INFORMATION NEEDED: Did you work for a record label or in any of the pressing plants? Do you have more in-depth knowledge about different pressings than the average person? If you share that knowledge with us and can substantiate it, you will receive at least a mention on the Credits page. Anyone who provides more detailed information will earn the same percentages off the list price as an image contributor will earn.

This project cannot be successfully completed without the assistance of all record collectors. Please drop us an email and let us know what you have to offer. We can accept information via email, on disks through the USPS, or by ftp directly to our server.

From time to time we will be posting requests for specific images. Most of these requests will be for copies of label variations that we do not have and are looking for high quality images that will be included in the final book. To see a list of the current needed images, click HERE.

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